Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ian is his name-o

Tonight we heard Ian laughing really hard and we discovered him shoving his face against the window and blowing rasberries.

He's also decided that his push toy is better for climbing than for pushing.

He likes harassing Grandpa Leonard - especially in the morning when he is trying to eat breakfast and get to work.

This is my sweet snot-nosed dirty baby boy. Actually, he used to be sweet until he became obsessed with his nursery rhyme cd that he makes us play in the car everytime we are in it. I hate it hate it hate it and he screams if we don't play it. How did he get such bad taste in music?

Today is Ian's good friend atticus' birthday - we are sad that we missed his birthday party back in DC so we wanted to wish him happy birthday. Happy #1.

Ian and Atticus during their last playdate in the park.


Pashless said...

I l-o-v-e the pictures of his face mashed up against the window. My only request is that we get some more videos of him!!!

Marc said...

I am sure I could hear Ian's voice when he was pressed against the glass...let me out I'm trapped in here or help I'm stuck to the glass or quit pushing on me. He is very funny.