Saturday, September 02, 2006


I think that ian's first word besides mama or dada might be "woah". He has been saying it for a couple of days and I thought it was just part of his jibberish but today he kept saying it everytime he fell down.

Ian's self portrait (he must have learned this from one of my little sisters)...

There were a few days when Ian chose this face (very difficult to catch on camera) instead of the scrunched up nose face when he wanted something...the past few days he has learned to wine and I really really miss the faces.

I discovered one of my good friends from college, Michelle Penrod, lives about 45 minutes away from us in Olympia. We got together last week at the children's museum (she has a 3 year old named Grant and is 4 months pregnant).

We were so excited that Michelle and Joe are close that we went to visit them in Olympia on Saturday. Here is Curt and Ian at the Sand in the City festival that we all walked to while we were there. They had tons of sand sculptures and huge sandboxes for the kids to play in.

This week Michelle introduced Ian and me to Point Defiance Park. It is huge and beautiful and reminds me of the Arboretum in DC (except it has lots of kids parks and picnic areas to play at). Here are Grant and Ian at Never Never Land Park.

Grant only kind of likes Ian - but Ian LOVES Grant and follows him whevever he goes.
Here is Ian in the sand box at the park - eating dirt or rocks or something like that of course. (Laura - that shirt seems to grow with him)

Nice bum (those pants went straight into the trunk).

Really nice bum - he is trying to get back to the spinkler that he was playing in before his clothes came off.

Apparently Grandma Leonard's petunia's don't taste very good - but her blackberries are delicious (he attacks me for them actually).


Joshua said...

thats aweome!
never never land was so fun back in the day.
i dont know if they still have all the stuff but we used to go there all the time and play on the giant shoe or humpty dumpty of course. it wad one of the coolest places to go. i am glad ian got introduced to it. looks like he is having lots of fun.

laura_d said...

i'm so glad he finally fits in that shirt - and having fun in it too. so so cute!