Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Ape Caves

Yesterday we went to Mt. St. Helen's to the Ape Caves. They are these long underground tunnels made by lava flow. The one we went in was about 1.75 miles to the end and back - really super cold - and I wish the pictures could show how cool it was.

Curt, Ian and Joe on their way in to the cave. Joe is carrying the lantern and we also had a few flashlights.

Michelle and Grant on their way in.

The Penrods

Curt and Ian at the very end of the cave.

Afterwards we all ate lunch in Cougar WA - Ian finally got out of the carrier and was able to run around like he wanted to in the cave.

The view on the way home.

Also - I forgot to mention last week that we bought a house. We close on it at the end of September - can't wait. As soon as we take pictures we'll post them. But....if you want to see the neighborhood you can at Falling Water.


Cherie said...

Congratulations on your house! Is it ready for you to move in or are you just starting at the beginning of the construction phase?

Joshua said...

i dont know how often i should allow myself to look at your blog... it kind of makes me extremely jealous that you three are up in the northwest... first never neverland... now the ape caves... soon the san juans, bc, trips to portland and the oregon coast, then astoria, or whatever else its almost going to be too much for us who live in the heartland

raising dc said...

wow! congrats. those houses look a little bigger than your basement apartment. i am jealous of your life. we miss you way too much here!