Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last birthday post

Sorry these last few posts have been kind of boring but since this is the only journal of his young life that ian will ever have - I feel like I have to be thorough, including his final birthday hurrah which we had a chucky cheese with his friends Grant, Connor and Luke.

Here are the boys riding a ride together.

Ian's favorite part by far was putting the coins in the rides. Sometimes he would put the coin in and then get off the ride and come ask for another coin for a different ride - in the second picture I'm telling him he has to stay on until the ride is over.

Grant is old enough to play games that actually win him tickets.

Connor and Luke on the Tonka truck

Good thing I stopped at safeway on the way there for the

best cupcakes ever. I really wish I were a better planner.

Connor eating his cupcake.

Can you tell Grant's was chocolate?

The highlight for me was crawling 6 months pregnant up to the top of the tube maze hanging from the ceiling to find the crying birthday boy who couldn't find his way out. Other than that we had a great time.

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