Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maris Farm

Saturday we got out of the house for a while by visiting Maris Farm, which turns out is a little bit like an October amusement park rather than just a place to pick pumpkins and go on a hay ride. Ian started out on Peaches, which was lined up with lots of other cows and pulled around by a big tractor.
He found a big bunda that he could climb on all by himself.
Next we walked through the barn and he surprised me by wanting to pet all the animals, including goats, sheep, a bunny, a kitty - and pigs that thankfully were a little too far away to touch.
Then the pony ride. Pure joy and he wasn't ready to get off.

A family picture - after which I was sent to the car to lie down.

Then the hay ride.

Some relaxing, and eating churros without me.

Curt's favorite - finding rubber ducks in a huge barn full of corn kernels (he seriously can't stop talking about how cool it was).

Another jump house and then time to save mommy from the car. It was nice to finally get out and enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather.

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