Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday night fun

We were all going a little crazy being in the house all day. Curt and Ian amused themselves doing this:

And this (grandma included):

inside the fort...

Ian's funny story of the day: my mom took him to the park and while he was there playing with some neighborhood kids he pulls his pants down and pees off the bridge. Half of me is like - yeah at least he didn't pee his pants and the other half of me is horrified that he thinks it is ok to pee on the playground.

He also calls the baby "bean" and sings to him while caressing my tummy.

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Chelsea said...

Amy, your little boy is soooo cute! I hope I get to meet him one day! Can you believe that both me and Ash have babies? I think it's crazy, but it's loads of fun. I'm sorry to hear about your can always check out my blog if you get bored:

Chelsea (Swett)