Monday, November 19, 2007

Parker Love

We love Parker and Ashley! Parker is such a perfect little snuggly baby. If baby bean is anything like her, I might actually live through life with Ian +1.
Ian likes to hang out on Parker's blankets, and has been really good with her. He especially loves that she gets dressed several times a day - because it means that he should also get "nake-dee".

My favorite thing about Parker is her thighs. They are amazing.
Curt's favorite thing about Parker is that she likes to watch the Seahawks with him.
Ian's latest.
1. galloping around the kitchen island screaming neigh neigh neigh (thanks mom)
2. taking both hands to my belly and yelling "out baby", he also loves to kiss and talk to my belly
3. telling us all to be quiet because "parkder" is "seepin"
4. when he doesn't get my attention with mommy - he starts calling me "aim, aim, AMY!"
5. finally singing the ABC song (at least partially) and trying to count
6. he loves his "aunt ashy" and baby parker
7. lastly - unfortunately, (or fortunately) he has discovered kids movies, his "moo moos" - here he is watching Shrek with his shrek underwear sticking out.

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