Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For my family...

Because who else would be interested in watching a boring, and much too long video of a two month old playing with a butterfly? Thanks for the great toy Parker and Ash.


This is why James is so fabulous, he falls asleep wherever he is when he is tired (with or without the binky).

You might think, because of the blog, that life is all about James right now. Boy would you be wrong. This guy rules the house. (Here he is telling Aunt Nicki what to do, too).
For example, today I went to check on him during his "nap", which apparently consisted of pushing his train table to the side, pulling his top mattress completely off his bed, and making a nice little crayon drawing on his sheets and the wall by his bed. And which was infinitely better (or at least safer) than saturday's nap when he climbed up to the fourth level of drawers on his dresser and almost pulled the whole thing over on himself. I try to safe-proof his room, but I honestly didn't realize that I shouldn't have any furniture in there at all (or toys or walls for that matter).

This is Ian's friend Josie. Josie is the best playmate because she doesn't take any crap from ian. and she is bigger, even though she is younger.


Ashley said...

Jamesy looks like a dream. We are glad he likes the toy! Ian is a maniac, but a really really cute one.

Laura said...

i watched it. 43 seconds is not that long. i force anyone semi willing to watch 5 minute long videos. we're jealous of james' going to sleep ability. lucky you!

Chelsea said...

Amy, this is so random that I just had to share it. Last night I had this long, complex dream all about you and your two adorable boys visiting Washington, DC. For some reason we were getting together and the details get a bit muddy from there on, but it was so random. I don't think we've seen each other for almost ten years and, yet, there you were last night! Anyhow, James and Ian are so cute =)

Brooke and Cory said...

Yes James is perfect and Ian and Josie are perfect for eachother 'cause they can both take it! Love them!