Friday, February 01, 2008

Smiley guy

James is smiley. he likes to lay on the floor and smile at everything (sometimes he cries until i put him down). he almost always smiles when he hears his brother. even if he knows it probably means he is about to be tackled, kissed, or have blankets thrown on his head.

It has been really cold here, so on most days I bundle james up in his snowsuit, put him in the sling and we head to the park with ian either on his scooter or tricycle. I'm surprised at how quickly i've gotten over my fear of getting out of the house with two kids - who would have known that you CAN do all the things you did before, you just have to plan a little more time to get out of the door.
My mom used to do this to us growing up.
James being precious.

Ian being .....precious?
James hangs out in here alot and coos at the fishy hanging in the middle.


Cami said...

he's changing and it's only been two weeks since i was there!

d/b/c/m said...

i just told dave that your boys seem like so much FUN. they both seem so happy with the perfect amount of spunk.

heavymetalmouth said...

congratulations on the kiddo you two. hope all is well up there. come to california where its not wet.