Friday, April 11, 2008

Uncle Dave

My brother has been in town since Tuesday night. He is so good with the boys and fun to hang out with. Sometimes you forget how much you miss someone. I've been missing my brother.

Today we went up to the mountain to hike and play in the snow. There ended up being a lot of snow and very little hiking (note to self: don't go to Mt. Ranier until at least May next year). It was still really sunny and beautiful.

Ash, we took a family photo for you like you asked, except then we realized that James was still sleeping in the car.

Afterwards we went to Mud mountain Dam Park for some playing. James had his first swing ride.

I love this picture of the boys because I have been wanting to document James' swirl (and mullet for that matter) for a while now.

Uncle David and Jamesy get along pretty well.

(curt is in the background talking Nicki through setting up Supersmash Bros online on the wii so we could play them. Connor was kicking butt)


Crystal said...

Looks you had fun. You have a Wii? I want one so bad, they always seem to be out when I go to buy one.

m. said...

Sobe has the same kind of swirl! I don't know what I am going to do about that!

Melis said...

It totally makes me happy to see James in that onsie.

acl said...

Crystal - you have to be really dilligent to find a wii - it took us a couple of months.
M - for some reason I picture sobe and james looking similar. i guess it must be the swirl.
Melis - I am in love with that onsie (he wears them all now) and I wish you were close enough to teach me. I would buy them.