Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ian II

My favorite Ian quotes this week:
- "mommy, you no step on it. Me so proud of you."
- "me love you too much" (he has turned so sweet the last few days)
- tonight at the dinner table and totally random "david handsome guy"
He is also turning out to be quite environmentally aware - I've had a few "mommy, you wasting water" and "no shoes in the house!"
He has been really good about going down for naps and to sleep at night AND sleeping through the night. I'm thinking probably someone stole my real son and left me the super sweet version. I'm keeping it.
Also, Jamesy was featured on this blog for Babysparewear - which we love and have several sets of.


Crystal said...

So cute, I think that Ian and Alexis trading naping habits. She is trying to sleep for only 1 hour.

Jenn said...

Funny things kids will say!

Cami said...

man, david got a handsome comment!?