Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glorious sun

I didn't think I was really affected by the weather here until today felt like the happiest sunniest day in years. Please bless that it isn't a trick and winter is coming back for another month(s) before it really is nice.
Look - it made everyone so happy.

We went to Point Defiance Park and walked along the water front and through some of the gardens. I didn't realize the park is so beautiful (or maybe it was just the day) - it reminded me of the National Arboretum, my favorite place in DC.

On the way home we stopped by the Fort Nisqually Museum - which is a remake of the original fort with weird people pretending they still live in that time period.
Curt, Ian and David climbed to the top of the look-out.

Best picture of the day by far.
Ian and James sharing.


Jenn said...

Such a great day!!!

Crystal said...

I was so happy it was sunny too. I love Point Defiance Park it is so pretty, I hope we get more days like Saturday soon.