Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Henries

Marisa and her kids came up for a surprise visit during their spring break. It was two days of perfectness - our kids loved eachother and we even got to go out alone while Curt watched all the kids.

Ian called Jude his best buddy the whole time he was here. I guess that was because Jude brought two light sabers that they played with nonstop and slept in his room. What more could you want out of a friend? (he has already asked me when we are going to his best buddy's house)

Sometimes they even let Lola play - she was the baby princess jedi.

This is a fitting picture because James spent the whole time beating on Simon and Simon spent a lot of time telling us how much he didn't appreciate it. They are only 2 months apart and someday they will be best buddies too.

Sweet Simon.

Tuesday morning we took the kids to a jump place and let them go wild.

I have to admit that the best time was after the kids went to bed and we could sit around drinking coke and chatting (and doing darling little Marisa projects). We are planning our next trip to Portland ASAP.

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