Sunday, March 01, 2009

Matyas Birthdays

Saturday went up to Monroe for Ben's baptism and a birthday party for Ben and Abby.
Abby was all smiles all night long - (I kind of get the feeling that is how she is most of the time - love her).

Jessie is so beautiful.

Cherie, Mike and Ben.

Delicious food and perfect cakes (Cherie must be a Bennett).

p.s. Cherie - thanks for the photos (and the fun night) - I stole all of them from your blog!

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Cherie said...

Great. I was thinking of emailing them to you, but I guess I don't need to with my blog. Beckie has said a couple times since you guys left on Sat. night how nice you and Curt are. We all really enjoyed having you come! IKEA sounds good for me for next week. There are a couple things I need.