Sunday, March 01, 2009

Things my boys love right now

1. Playing with his star wars guys, making forts and stashing all of his toys in corners where they make a big mess for me to clean up.
(this is what I mean by stashing - he named this "the tower")

2. Water of any kind. This was at the FW Community Center that we went to a couple of weeks ago. I have to drain the water to get him and James out of their bath (and James won't take a bath without him).

3. Pretending he is a super hero.
Ian: I am the Hulk (I seriously don't even know how he knows about the hulk)
Me: The hulk doesn't hit his mom.
Ian: No mom - the hulk doesn't have a mom.
3. Being sassy to his mom.
4. Snuggling and kissing his mom (which sometimes makes up for the sassiness).
5. Talking about preschool - we just signed him up this week for next year and he is so so ready.
6. Talking. About ANYTHING. Constantly. (I guess not much has changed since the last time I did a post like this)
7. Tom and Jerry - he laughs out loud at it over and over.


1. Walking.
2. Wrestling his brother or anyone else on the floor. It seriously never gets old (for him).

3. Playing outside - he stands at the back door and bangs and cries when I take his jacket off him when we come in.
4. Reading books - especially ones about animals or that have lift-the-flaps. He brings them to you, climbs up and plops himself down on your lap.
5. The toilet - I'll spare you the details.
6. Coloring - I don't think I started this young with Ian but Jamesy loves it.

His first word "ball"

Typical James -

Things I love right now:
Dinner parties with friends
The memory of sunshine


Crystal said...

that pool looks like a blast, next time you go let me know so we can come!

Jenn said...

That is exactly why half of my bottom drawers in my kitchen are empty because Ashlee keeps getting into them!

The Jensen Family said...

Cool star wars toys. My kids would love to play star wars with Ian.

Cherie said...

Does James think it's just as fun to put it all back in so Mom and Dad don't have to???