Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It is summer

Today we met Amy and the kids at Point Defiance Zoo. As you can see from the picture - my kids found the sprinklers.

The other Leonards had to leave at 4 for choir practice so the boys and I saw most of the animals by ourselves. We stayed until 6:30 - we sometimes were the only people in the exhibits and Ian was still asking to stay when we left. I think it was my favorite, most relaxing trip to the zoo.
(James was pantsless after the sprinkler episode)

Not safe. And he won't let me take the band-aid off his ear.

James first fudgesicle (I think maybe).


The Jensen Family said...

Everyone is getting so big! I wish I could join you at the zoo. My kids have been asking to go and visit Ian's grandmas house. Good memories.

Jenn said...

We went to the zoo yesterday too but we went to Woodland! :-)
Fun times