Friday, June 05, 2009

NY 1 - Ian

I'm not sure how we got away without getting a picture of Ian and Nicki - since she is pretty much his favorite person in the world. Not only is she the mom of Devon and Connor, she also let him sleep over 4 times (he asked to just about every night) AND she gave him serious love while he was there. On the night we had to say goodbye he was sobbing and saying "it is just so hard mom, when Nicki isn't here."
He also thinks the lake is the best place (as do most of the rest of us). He swam just about everyday regardless of the water temperature - which had to have been in the 50s.

Nicki brought a toybox filled with stuff up to the lake for the kids to play with.

Including a huge bag of costumes (which I somehow forgot to pack...)

Helping grandpa build a fort (a real one).

This was kind of a theme - finding Ian asleep in random places. There was way too much to do for him not be exhausted the whole trip.

Showing off his favorite talent to aunt ashley.

He can be convinced to eat just about anything you say will make him big and strong like Devon.

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