Sunday, June 28, 2009

Once Upon a Time

We spent the weekend with the Penrods in this darling beach town called Seabrook. We rented a house that slept all 13 of us (it is directly in front of Curt in the picture) and spent all weekend riding bikes and playing on the beach.

Evie 2, Lucy 2, Anna 4, James 1 and Ian 3 (missing Reese 7 and Grant 6)

Some of the community.

the beach.

The kids spent most of the day doing this.

And this.

The kids on their way to roast hot dogs and banana boats on the beach Saturday night. They were so excited.

Joe, Josh and Curt.

Grant and Eve.

Jamesy fell asleep in my lap after eating his hot dog.

The house was amazing (called Once Upon a Time) - three stories, the top floor was for the kids and had four of these single beds built in to the walls. Here is Ian in the one he slept in.

It might have been the perfect mix of sunshine, ocean, friends, bike riding and giggling.


Cami said...

that looks so fun! a little cloudy though. i can't wait to see you. and sorry for not commenting but...this is the first time i've seen your blog in a week. that whole not having internet thing...

The Jensen Family said...

What fun. You guys are so adventuresome. Is this on the Oregon coast or WA?

m. said...

that makes me vacation sick. looks dreamy...

kristyn said...

what a cute little place! glad to see that you're still drinking the real deal like me. everyone else has defected to diet coke.

Cherie said...

I'll have to mention that place to Mike. We've been wanting to go to Oceanshores, but that place looks like it would be a lot less 'touristy'! Glad you had fun. Looks like we'll see you in about 1 1/2 weeks!

acl said...

Special K - it is my vice, I can't give it up.
Cher - it is so cute and about 20 minutes north of ocean shores (and a lot less touristy). I totally recommend it!