Wednesday, March 03, 2010

House work

We finally subway tiled the back splash in the kitchen and painted the walls.

a close-up - Curt does nice work.

And I finished my first quilt - I have wanted to make one for a really long time but was too intimidated (mostly by the amount of time required). It turns out quilting is pretty easy - but does take a lot of time. I kind of wish I had done something a little more creative - but it is super soft flannel and perfect for snuggling on the couch.

The boys are already breaking it in (and probably getting snot all over it). Love those snotty boys.


ginger said...

The tile looks great. Way to go Curtis.

And I love your quilt. That Folksy flannel line is just lovely and perfect for a quilt that is snuggly and spring-y.

Kathy Clay said...

I love that quilt! Great job Amy! The kitchen looks great, too, Curt! You won't ever want to leave that pretty house!

Jenn said...

Kitchen looks nice! And so does the quilt. Yes those type of quilts are easy but are time consuming!

Cami said...

Great job, Ame! I'm impressed.

Goff Six Adventures said...

Kitchen looks fantastic! Love the quilt too - I have a quilters frame if you ever need to use one :)