Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right now.

Things I have been thinking about:

How sweet it was on Friday when Ian begged me not to put James down for a nap because he wanted him to stay outside and play with him.

The giggling I can hear through the screen when they are in the backyard.

How different they are: James will cry if I ask him to be quiet, Ian will laugh in my face while I scream at him. James will play alone for hours. Ian likes to be entertained. James has to go to bed with his binky, bunny and three favorite toys. Ian doesn't have any real attachments. James is sensitive. Ian is super laid back.

How I need to be more patient.

How funny it was yesterday when I tried to take James' binky/bunny and he said to me "no mama, I got it first." Or when I called him a big boy and he said (growled), "No! I baby."

Spring. It makes me hopeful.


Kathy Clay said...

Some day James will be ready. Amy, you and Dave both sucked your thumb until about 2 1/2 when I took your blanket away. Without the blanket, you didn't want to suck your thumb. Funny how that worked. Miss those boys!

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

I love how kids are different. It keeps us guessing....

Kristine said...

Amy I LOVE these thoughts you record. Really makes me want to work to appreciate the details in my life more. Thanks for being such a great mom and sharing your adventure with us!!