Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last day of Preschool

I found the sign I made stuck in one of my Barefoot Contessa cook books so I thought it would be fun to have a last day of school and a first day of school picture. I was a little emotional picking him up today, not just because he finished his first full school year, but also because Miss Rhonda turned out to be the most perfect Preschool teacher - we will miss her.
Last day:

First day:

So it turns out he still has a goofy smile but his hair has gotten much darker over the winter and I am pretty sure he is actually wearing matching socks under his pants.

Other things that have changed:
At the beginning of the year he wasn't really in to coloring or writing - now it is all he wants to do. He is also working on learning to read and it makes him so excited.

He never used to threaten to ban me from his birthday party when he got mad at me and now it is his favorite thing to do. Sometimes I try to explain that there would be no birthday party if I weren't there but that conversation leads to true hysteria - definitely better left alone. And yes, maybe he spends a little too much time hanging out with girls.

He has started requesting stories about going to the lake before bed every night. It is definitely summertime - now if it would stop raining...

Conversation I had with James this week (who apparently inherited the never-ever-stops-talking gene along with his brother):
James (with a light saber hitting the walls): Mom I am cutting your room.
Me: Stop cutting my room.
James: Sorry mom, your room is dying.


Kathy Clay said...

I love that goofy smile and can hardly wait to witness it firsthand.
Wow, his hair is alot darker. must be raining alot in sun to bleach it out!

SMClayJr said...
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SMClayJr said...

He has grown a few inches when you see where he is on the wall. Dad

laura said...

What a cutie. This made me a little sad, they grow up too fast! Charlie's hair is just starting to lighten back up.