Friday, June 25, 2010

Polar bears

Today was the perfect 70 degree zoo day. The cool thing about Point Defiance Zoo is that it has sharks, and it has people with animals out of their cages placed randomly around the zoo for the kids to get a close look at. Ian likes to ask these people a LOT of questions about their animals. He sure is good at talking.
Here the kids are looking at an iguana.

Don't tell Michelle I posted a picture of her on my blog. She is such a cute pregnant lady.

My favorite was the polar bear - he was eating a gigantic bone and weighs 900 lbs. He also eats 5 lbs of fat each day.

The kids favorite part was the sprinklers at the play area.

We ended our trip with a ride on the carousel.

I love how James enjoys everything so much at this age - I would take him anywhere to see that face everyday.


Ashley said...

James is so funny! Parker loves those water sprinklers too, James would seriously love Legoland... thats all park has been doing there lately.

paulyandmeg said...

They're getting so big Ame! I can't wait to see you guys so soon!!