Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween I

Yay for Halloween parties! Admittedly, it was a bit stressful getting costumes completed more than a week before Halloween,especially when you make the mistake of reading your kids Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone too close to Halloween and your 5 yr old insists, insists, insists on being Fluffy the 3-headed dog. Actually, I think I might be being punished for making them go as skeletons, which were really pajamas, last year (best/easiest costumes ever).
Here they are being scary.

In addition to picking their own costumes - this was also the first year for face paint.

We went to the church for a Halloween Carnival and Trunk-or-treat.

Ian, Kinley, James and Maya - checking out what they got at the trunk-or-treat and totally taking advantage of the fact that we weren't paying attention to how much candy they were inhaling.

When I was young my dad used to take a "tax" of our Halloween candy when we came in from trick-or-treating - I'm just realizing how brilliant that is...


Jenn said...

My dad would too! He would call it his 'tithing'! We actually had to count it all out and then give him 10%! lol. ANd it couldn't be all the yucky stuff we gave him! :)

Paulyandmeg said...

Oh my gosh those costumes are so cute! I especially like Fluffy..haha that's so awesome Ian wanted to be a character from HP.

Kathy Clay said...

Ian looks ferocious! James looks very spooky! Great job Amy. Wish I could have carved pumpkins with you all.

SMClayJr said...

It was great fun. There would be taxes when you returned, then I would take the leftover candy we hadn't given away and we would have a giant barter session swapping candy so everyone got what they wanted and traded what they didn't want. I don't remember how much we ate during the trading process but it was a lot.