Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zoo Boo

It was supposed to be Halloweeny and scary at the zoo so we decided to stop on our way down to Mim's blessing in Olympia on Saturday. It was pretty much just the regular zoo with some pumpkins in the exhibits. Good thing the zoo is fun no matter what. Especially when you get to wear capes/dress up (we are not even nearly finished with the real costumes).

And you get to see the mascot of your new soccer team: the Seals.
And it is cold enough that you get to see lots of animals that you have never seen before because it is usually hot and they are sleeping. Besides the arctic fox, we also got to see the tiger and the tiger cubs, and the clouded leopards.

I guess the sun was in their eyes...

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Paulyandmeg said...

That sounds fun Ame! I'm taking Connor and Zoey to our Zoo Boo tonight!