Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ian talks on the phone

This morning Ian asked to call my dad. The phone call went something like this:
5-10 minutes - talking about various football teams; Ian says he likes the Seahawks because they are two of his favorite colors, and his dad really likes them, and his mom kind of does. He also likes the Cowboys and the Cardinals.
5-10 minutes - telling at least 15 completely random knock knock jokes about whatever is in his line of vision. For example: knock knock. Who's there? Shoes. Shoe's who? Shoes swimming, ha ha ha.
Additional conversation starters:
Grandpa do you know how old I am?
Did you know that baby Dallas came out of Aunt Ashley this morning?

My Dad was incredibly patient and must have really needed a break from work. Besides - the only thing any of us can think about today is baby Dallas - welcome to the family, little one.


Kathy Clay said...

That boy loves his jokes. I'm glad he talks football with Grandpa cause Grandma doesn't! miss you guys!

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

The Leonard boys have no problem talking. Congrats on the new cousin.