Monday, March 21, 2011

CA - Sea World

My favorite things about Sea World:

1. The shark tunnel. Impossible to get a good picture of it.

2. The Baluga whale and her baby. Zoey was trying to swim with them.

3. The awesome kid play area.

4. Changing Ian's entire outfit because his uncles used him as a shield at the Shamu show.

5. Grandma buying James' his Dolphy - he still sleeps with it every night.

6. The animals - but especially feeling the super slimy mantarays. That was creepy.

By the looks of the next two pictures - I'd say Ian was pretty much done with taking pictures at this point in our trip.

I could have spent another whole day at Sea World - there was so much that we missed and I wanted to let the kids play a lot longer in the play area. Next time....

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