Tuesday, March 08, 2011

CA - San Diego Zoo

The thing about the San Diego Zoo is that it makes all other zoos pale in comparison. Not only does it have every cool animal - but it has like 15 of each of them.

Cute things I remember about this day:
-Nicki carried Dallas around in sling almost all day. She is a good snuggler.
-James insisted that aunt ashley and only aunt ashley push him in the stroller. Good thing she had help taking care of her own kids because james was definitely monopolizing her.
-We took a double decker bus tour around the zoo so we could see everything. It was pretty awesome.
-I could have stayed and watched the baby hippo swimming with its mom for hours and hours.
-The kids basically ran everywhere, for miles, especially Parker - and that's when I knew they would definitely last at Disneyland.

Jamesy making his panda and kitty kiss.

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