Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ian is 6

Ian turned 6 on Wednesday. And I realized that I have a hard time with my kids getting big. I am totally heartbroken that he is going to be in school full time this year. That is so much time away from him. And even though he can be annoying at times and never stops talking, I really like hanging out with him and I like the little person that he is.

We started his birthday with a present scavenger hunt as soon as he woke up. He could even read the clues himself (see, he is getting too big). Then we had some fun with friends and a waterslide at the Reddings.

Then we picked up Curt and headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Ian thought it was cool - James thought it was amazing (you can always count on James for a good reaction).

Things I love about Ian:
- he has no fear, which unfortunately often leads to lots of falls - but he rarely ever cries.
- he plays made up games all day long - he would rather make up a game than play with a toy.
- I guess it is the age but he has so much more stamina and physically can do so much more than he used to be able to do. This included kneeboarding and tubing full speed with the big kids this summer.
- He is very carefree - not much bothers him (including punishments - which can be frustrating for his parents) which makes him a very easy child.
- He gives hugs and kisses freely - to whomever wants them. I think he even realizes that it is a nice thing to do.

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Paulyandmeg said...

Those pictures of Ian on the swing are sooo cute! I miss him.. sounds like he had an awesome birthday!