Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tipsoo Lake

Today we headed up Mt. Rainier to a hike near Tipsoo Lake. It was amazingly beautiful (my pictures don't do it justice). A lot of the hike was still covered in snow so it was a bit more slippery and muddy than we expected (Ian fell at least 12 times - was dirty everywhere and tried to hit me with every snowball that he possibly could). The day was perfect and hot and the snow made the kids forget they were tired.
Tipsoo lake, where the hike started.

You can see the top of Mt. Rainier behind the boys.

Jamesy rode in the backpack because of his broken leg - he was great.

and so was Mim, like always.

There was a LOT of snow.

We hiked to this small lake and then on to a waterfall before we turned around and headed back to the cars.

I have to admit that I love living this close to the mountain.

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Paulyandmeg said...

Aw Jamesy's such a trooper! That's crazy you can be in t-shirts by snow!