Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ian's Birthday Party

Friday we had a slip-n-slide party for Ian's birthday at Grandma Leonard's house (our 3rd year in a row). It turned out to be a perfect day to play in the water and hang out with friends and family.

A few action shots:

Of course Jamesy couldn't get his cast wet but he was happy anyway.

We are so excited that the Jensens moved back so we can spend time with them (after a few times down the slip-n-slide with Sadie she told me I was becoming her favorite aunt - so worth it!)

Ian told me he wanted either a skeleton or a wampa birthday. I went with skeleton - turned skull and crossbones/pirate.

Thank you thank you thank you Grandma and Grandpa Leonard for letting us use your house and the best, hugest, most perfect slip-n-slide hill!

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Paulyandmeg said...

That slip n slide tradition is AWESOME. I wish there was a picture of you going down the hill Ame! : )