Thursday, October 12, 2006

The cider mill

Yesterday we went to the Country Cider Mill With Michelle and Grant to buy some fresh farm produce and see the animals. Ian was terrified of the pig, Doughnut, and the goats - and only mildly tolerated the rest of the animals. He was more interested in the tiny slide and playing with Grant and Grace.

Turns out petting zoos are more for older kids - Grant fed the animals and loved the pig.

Later that night Ian stole Curt's head phones and was listening to XTC. I bet when he hears that when he is older he is going to think his dad likes wierd music.


Cami said...

that kid is already putting on head phones...that's so funny.

Pashless said...

The anticipation of falling was making him laugh. What a funny boy. He and his cousins are going to be a bad combination!

Kathy Clay said...

Ian is so darn cute! Those headphones on him are so funny. Did he dance listening to the music?