Monday, October 16, 2006

Practically perfect in every way

Lately I've been receiving a lot of complaints from my family about my blogging - for example, "your mother posts more often than you do" (you would think I had had taken thier favorite baby and moved across the country or something). The truth is, it's just not everyday that you get a picture of ian that really communicates how sweet he is:

Or how good natured he is:

Or shows what a great body he has:

Or how well-behaved he is in his car seat:

Don't you miss the little bugger?


Kathy Clay said...

Ok, ok I take back everything I said about the queen of blogging. I do miss the little bugger. Could you fix his hair into a cone and take him to Provo so he can be in the next video with his nutty Aunt?

Cami said...

haha i love this blog. very funny amy. i miss the little bugger too.