Monday, October 23, 2006


This weekend my grandparents came to visit from Astoria OR. I think they came mostly to visit Ian but it is nice that Curt and I get to benefit from things like that.

On saturday morning we went to Maris Farm to pick some pumpkins. We started out at the petting zoo, where we learned that Ian is still terrified of animals (actually by the time we left he touched a goat twice but for a while he was pulling me back away from the animals as hard as he could).

Next we went on a hay ride. It was actually kind of cold and not that enjoyable - but Ian liked the big tractor.

He's pretty picky about his pumpkins but eventually he found a couple that he liked.


Cami said...

that boy has good taste in pumpkins

Kathy Clay said...

I think the pumpkin weighs more than the little pumpkin picker.