Monday, October 30, 2006

Little Amelia

Last week the McKinneys were in town for a few days. Ian and I got to spend lots of time with Melisa and Amelia while Josh and Curt worked. Amelia is the darlingest baby with super long, gorgeous eyelashes and is so smiley. Ian and I both had crushes on her.

We spent some time at the park and Melisa finally got a picture of Ian's kamikazi diving down the slide.

We all got together over the weekend and hung out.

Amelia was totally trying to make out with Ian - but Ian told her he was to young for that kind of thing. Then he poked her in the eye.

Curt and Ian were twins.

And more funny ian...


Kathy Clay said...

Thanks for more pictures of Ian. Ian on the slide and the Halloween shirt are my favorites. Curt looks like the Seahawks just lost, oh yeah, they did. Sorry Curt.

Cami said...

curt are you going to put up with that?