Monday, March 26, 2007

Abby Baby

Ian and I finally went up to Monroe to meet the newest member of the Matyas family, Abby. She is darling and Cherie let me hold her as long as I wanted to (which was basically the whole time we were there). Ian loved her too, and did his token "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" over and over in her face. I'm begining to think that I must talk to babies in a ridiculously high, annoying voice like that or something.

Abby and her mom (my cousin Cherie)

Josh and Ben - we were sad to miss Jessie but she was at school

Sunday we got to see Abby again at her baby blessing. I wish I had taken my camera - but we are glad to be close enough to attend special occasions.

On another note - Ian the destroyer keeps pulling out all of my flowers in the front yard. It is really annoying - so I have been locking him in the cupboards...

By the way - neither of these cupboards are normally empy - but at this point they were.


Pashless said...

Abby is so cute and little! You're a lucky cousin to be so close. Also good job Ian bugger.

Chris said...

Hey Curt,
Glad you found my blog. I'm coming up to Washington in July, but only to Pasco. That's where my sister lives now. Hopefully we can find some time to go further west. I would love to play homerun derby again, but I really want to dance with Brad Pope to Big Audio Dynamite in your parents' basement.