Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ian's Heaven

Visiting my family is always a nonstop party (winter not excluded). And since it snowed a ton while we were there we spent most of our time having fun outside.

Here is Ian and Grandpa riding the tractor up to snow blow the road.
Then back down because Ian fell asleep
We also went snowmobiling almost every day. My first time out (not ever - just this trip) my sister Cami stopped me to give me some sisterly advice that went something like this, "if you don't start going faster Dad isn't going to want to ride with you anymore." That is when I realized why snowmobiling is so fun.
Here is Ian with my mom - He didn't go for long rides - just a couple of times around the field.
We also went night sledding - which was the best because the snowmobiles take you to the top of the hill so you don't have to walk.
Ian also fell asleep on the snowmobile. He was pretty much sleep deprived our entire trip.
This was the night I learned that Ian turns into a mean drunk when he is really really tired. I tried to take him away from his cousins and he pushed my hands away and screamed "no!"
More fun outside...
Nicki's birthday party.
Trying to keep Ian busy in the car.
Last but not least - ian's favorite person. He would ditch me anytime for Uncle David.

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Chris said...

Hi Curt. Long time no talk. You keeping Sheryl Rosevear and Mike Spangler out of trouble? I just wanted to tell you that I finally started a blog.
We're going to try and adopt for our second child, so my sister thought it would be a good idea to start a blog and keep everyone posted. I remembered you and Josh had a blog, so I searched you out. I'll talk to you later.