Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The newest marrieds

A couple of weeks ago Ian and I took a trip to DC for my sister Ash's wedding. She was beautiful and she and Hank were really happy. My dad performed the ceremony - which was emotional and very sweet. And we spent all night eating and hanging out with the new couple - it was perfect.

While we were in DC we also got to hang out with some old friends - which was so so fun. I wish I had had a few more days so I could have seen everyone.

We stayed with Kimberly and Lindsay (the bestest hostesses ever - thanks girls)

Lunch with Whitney and Justin

Suzi and Isabel and Kim and Lillie

We went to our favorite old park with Atticus and Melanie

Curt's sister Nicole and her kids Micah and Sadie

Micah with the best Bat Man costume ever.

Ian spent the weekend giving out kisses - especially to Megan and Ash

On the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house we stopped in NJ to see the Eisenmans and the Kanucks. Here is Corissa Jon and darling little Peyton.

Since Ash lives in our old apartment and we stayed mostly in our old neighborhood - it felt a little like I could just slip back into our old life. I loved looking at all my favorite town houses again as we walked around and having the parks and restaurants (and friends) so close by. I think this is my favorite picture because it is right in front of our old apartment - on the walkway that I walked for four years. I miss it.

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