Saturday, March 31, 2007


This week I went to visit one of my bffs Marisa that just moved to Portland from LA. I'm so so excited that she is close(r). She has two kids that ian loved - and the best part was Micah watched all the kids on Tuesday night while marisa and I went shopping and to dinner all by ourselves. dreamy.

ian and lola hanging out (lola loves her sparkle shoes so much that she had to sleep with them)

sword fighting with jude
ian and jude wore their matching dinosaur pjs
ian was so happy when he woke up and realized that his friends were still there to play with
The rest of the week went pretty much as ususal..
ian dust mopped the backyard and played outside as much as possible


Melis said...

Ian is getting really, really cute. I love seeing him grow.

Cami said...

that second to last picture is the model shot that you never got for christmas