Saturday, December 22, 2007

another week with james

friday we had our second newborn visit with a new doctor (we like this one a LOT more) and james is doing well. he weighed in at 7.14 lbs and 21 1/2 inches (somehow he grew 2 inches since his birth - clearly the measuring is somewhat subjective).
hopefully the following pictures will satisfy my family enough that we won't get anymore 7am why haven't you blogged in a week phonecalls.
ps. james is a dream - we love him. and he looks a ton like ian at this age.

(best baby sideburns ever)

ian is super sweet with him, and asks at least once a day to hold him. then he immediately says "heavy, heavy" and pushes him back to me.

he even asked if james could sleep with him one night. anyone who knows ian knows that he is always up for having a sleeping partner - and most nights demands one.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we've got James pics. He is very cute.

ginger said...

love the hair! what a doll

kimcolton said...

He is SO cute!!! Congratulations guys, and Merry Christmas!

m. said...

your boys are so cute! don't you love how much newborns sleep when you have a toddler! these pics make me want another little boy..

curt said...

M. - sleeping is the good part. we are crossing our fingers and hoping that it lasts. Your family is v. v. cute. I think that F. and I. would get along great.