Friday, December 14, 2007

Life with two

So, it turns out that having two kids is not at all like having one kid. We are slowly adjusting, getting no sleep, thinking maybe two is all we need, - and how is it that I already forgot everything there is to know about newborns? The good thing is - they are both so cute and lovable that we think we will keep them anyway.

My siblings bought us this perfect moses basket that James has been sleeping in. It keeps him safe and I can take him wherever I go.

Last night Grandma and Granpa Leonard came over for some grandkid time. Ian made Grandpa read him Curious George almost the whole time he was here and Grandma hung out with James.

Then ian turned off all the lights so we all could play ghost - yeah - and finally cried when they left.

Here is Ian wearing James hospital hat. He loves James, but sometimes asks that he go back into my belly. He's definitely enjoying all the visitors.


Pashless said...

Sooo cute. Thanks for the new blog, i was going into withdrawal. Parkdee and I miss you guys. A lot.

Kathy Clay said...

James is soooooooo sweet! I can't believe he looks so much like Ian but with dark hair! We were waiting also for some new pics. Thanks love ya!