Saturday, December 01, 2007

The perfect decorating day

Today we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground. It took me FOREVER to find Ian's winter stuff - but it was totally worth it.

Later on we went to a tree farm for our Christmas tree. It was really wet and of course Ian wiped out and got soaked. He hates when his hands are dirty.

The best part ever was the guy that cut the tree, and then tied it to our car while we payed and drank hot chocolate. We are for sure going there again next year.

It snowed lightly outside while we decorated the tree and played Christmas music. It was perfect.

Funny things Ian did today:

-He ran up to the Santa at the Home Depot, stopped 5 feet away from him, screamed "bike", and then ran away.

-Curt asked him where is other sock was and he said "my bum", meaning he was sitting on it.

- In the car on the way home from Tommy's baptism he said "mama stay, ashy stay, parkder stay my bed". Slumber party.

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m. said...

i think ian & flynn would get along great. ian sounds so funny! congrats on another boy. you guys make really cute ones..