Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

In case anyone was worried - Santa did bring a certain naughty little boy a bike (naughty because he refused to go to bed on Christmas Eve).
He pretty much rode it all morning - ate breakfast on it.
opened his presents on it.
Unless, of course, it was this present.....aunt nicki gets the prize for biggest most obnoxious present (which, by the way, ian absolutely loves, and was even more excited about than if the whole box really had been full of candy like he thought).

he watched all of finding nemo on it.

Other favorite presents included:

a new john deer bunda/truck -

helmet and knee/elbow pads for his bike - and a john deer hat

and a bazillion new books that he made me read one by one as he opened them. he was so excited when he opened each present that we kind of had to force him to keep opening more rather than just play with what he had already opened.

James on the other hand, slept on the couch until after breakfast.

He woke up to ian saying "hi james, you mine friend" then a kiss and then a nose to nose rub.
We spent the afternoon at curt's parents opening more presents, eating and playing games. It is always wonderful to be together with family.

Here is some more James - he is spending a lot more time awake and alert and is always kicking his feet and moving his hands around.

And just to make sure this is the neverending post - we spent Christmas Eve at Amy and Eric's house and had an amazing mexican dinner. The kids entertained us with a darling rendition of the christmas story.
tommy as joseph and karina as an angel (in the background)
katie as mary and baby andrew as jesus
ian as a shepard (kind of)
and jack as one of the three wise men

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Cami said...

breakfast on the bike is my favorite picture for sure