Friday, January 11, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa meet James

Grandma and Grandpa Clay arrived on Wednesday for a short visit with us. We picked them up at the airport and headed to the International District for delish sushi at Maneki and shopping at the best asian market ever (for my mother, a surprisingly expert asian cook - she made us chicken korma and chicken satay last night).
My mom is also always taking pictures - so we finally have some updates on the boys.

Grandma and Grandpa meet James.
Every one loves to kiss the baby.

He's cute - like a little old man.

He pulls his hair like Parker.
Ian has been keeping grandpa busy - despite the fact that he is sick.

James' bath this morning.


m. said...

i love his hair!

Cami said...

hey, you make cute babies
love, your sister.