Thursday, January 03, 2008


I can't believe it is 2008. It makes me feel oldie old old. Or maybe it is the no sleep and bags under my eyes that makes me feel old. Or the knot in my shoulder from carrying around babies.
Here is what the Leonard children look like the first week of 2008.
New Year's Eve we went to a get together at the Goff's house. The adults played the wii (and i think we need one now) and the kids ran around, literally, like crazy people all night long. It might be the first time ian has ever stayed up that late - and we now know, from the completely hysterical, slurring his speech, delirious melt down when we left- that we won't let him do that again for a while.
Happy New Year!


sarah said...

amy - i can't get over how cute your kids are!

Joshua said...

wash your window.

or teach ian how to windex.

you should see our tv and fireplace - pot kettle black

acl said...

ha - curt noticed that too. you should see the rest of the house.

Cami said...

um, i think it's about time you changed the heading to your blog! this isn't a one man show anymore!