Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aunt Nunu

Last weekend my sister cami came to visit us from BYU so she could meet James. It was so fun to have her here - I'm already scheming how I can get her back as soon as possible. It turns out that we took most of the pictures with her camera, not mine - here is what I have:

My baby sister and my baby. He fell asleep every time he was in her arms - which was a lot, especially when we found out she had the magic touch.

Cutest cowboy shirt courtesy of the very crafty laura daines.

Ian started calling cami nunu last summer when he couldn't say her name. Now he is perfectly capable of saying her name but calls her nunu anyway (or ash - on accident). Of all the nicknames he could have chosen - it is the most random and charming, I hope it sticks.


Kathy Clay said...

Cami and James have the same hair color.....did you notice? Someone is always replacing me when I leave and they get to have all the fun! I'm glad Ian is feeling better! love ya

Brooke and Cory said...

We have to come your blog to see you! We need to get together, we'd love to hang out with you guys! Love seeing the pictures! So fun to have sisters visit! I love it!