Saturday, December 12, 2009

James is 2 (yesterday)

He loved being sung to - he had the biggest smile and kept clapping. And last night going to bed he kept saying "blow out candles, me."

Daddy and Grandpa putting together his awesome new bike from Aunt Ashley, Uncle Hank and Parker.

But nothing could beat his favorite present of the night - his shopping cart from the Barkers.

Things I love about Jamesy at 2:
1. He tells me "song" every night before I leave his room so I will sing him Hush Little Baby (he won't accept anything else).
2. He is a dumper and a stasher - lately he likes to dump his lego box and fill it with cars - and then dump that and fill it with something else (this is why he is so excited about the shopping cart).
3. He is very particular already about his clothes, shoes, socks, food, toys, etc. way more particular than Ian is even now.
4. He asks Ian for a hug and kiss every night before they go to bed. And he is sad when Ian goes to preschool without him. It is so sweet how much they love each other.
5. He plays, with toys, all day long - and without my help. I like that a lot.


JENN F said...

Can' believe our little ones are 2!

sarah said...

that's probably the coolest tricycle i've ever seen.

happy birthday james!