Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and thank you.

I have to admit - even though Christmas at the Clays is perfect, having Christmas at home this year was really stress-free and relaxing (no traveling with children - no worrying about what ridiculously huge presents Nicki will buy my kids that I will have to ship home).

I did A LOT of gift sewing - but my favorites by far were the double sided capes I made for the boys. Ian's other side is Superman and James' is Batman. I was so excited for them to open them.

Thank you to all of my family who bought and shipped tons of presents to us. We are spoiled.
The Nesbitts.

The Eisenmans.

Grandma and Grandpa Clay.

The Smiglianis.

The David and Kristine Clays and the Breadys (seriously I couldn't take a picture of everything).

We love being close to the Leonards - thanks for all the spoiling too!

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Ashley said...

The Capes are so cute, I love them!