Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yearly check-ups

Somehow ian never got his check-up around his birthday (oh yeah they didn't have any openings and then flu season started and I was too paranoid of taking them into a waiting room full of H1N1) so I took them in together this week. Here is what we learned:
- both my kids love to run around the doctors office in their underwear.
- Ian likes to tell the doctor interesting facts like, "I burned my finger on the iron" (like 6 months ago), and "my brother has more presents than me under the Christmas tree". He seriously talked Dr. Shoos ear off.
- they are both 25-50% for both height and weight. They are both healthy. and neither of them needed any shots - which made it our best check-up ever.

I can't believe how much more time I have since swearing off all my Christmas crafting - kind of...

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