Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cinco Cinco Cinco

Last week my sweet Ian turned 5 and this week I am still taking advantage of saying things like - "you need to do (fill in the word) because you are a big 5 year old now". I wonder how long that will last. Things I love about Ian at 5:
He is full of sweetness. He is just an all-around kind, easy child.
He would rather skip dessert and eat a cucumber. He didn't even eat one of his birthday cupcakes.
He is getting so independent - I hardly felt like his mom at the lake this summer - he was so busy having fun and hanging out with his cousins. That part also makes me a little sad.
He is handsome. And he still lets me dress him in whatever I want. Please bless that that last forever.
He pretty much will be friends with anyone he meets.
He refuse to admit to being tired, ever, even if his eyes are closing while he says it.
He makes amazing art work and tapes it to every door in our house. We are lucky that way.

This week we finally got to celebrate with another slip-and-slide party. This year was robot themed. Robot cupcakes.

Robot lollipop holder.

Robots for the kids to decorate.

Some yummy food.

An excited birthday boy.

Lots of crazy slip-and-sliders.

And a few very cute non slip-and-sliders.

Stella modeling the dress I made for her.

A few more action shots.

It seemed like the kids could play on the slip and slide forever, we had to turn off the water to get them to stop. Thank you, again, Grandma Leonard for having and letting us use the most perfect slip-and-slide party house ever! We love you.

And to prolong the party - Marisa drove up from Portland for the party and had a sleepover at our house afterward.

Wouldn't it be awesome if my mom sent me some lake pictures so I could post them?

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