Friday, August 27, 2010

The Lego Truck

Today we went to the Seattle Center to check out the Lego truck. We weren't sure what to expect but basically it was Lego marketing some new games they have developed. Kind of fun, but not that fun.

Something we didn't expect was that the kids would have more fun watching the glass elevator in the food court than playing the Lego games.

Then we walked over to the fountain and let the kids play for an hour.

This is Ian "not" getting wet for the car ride home.

It was pretty obvious when James was ready to go.


sarah said...

you guys have so many fun adventures. it makes me with we lived a tiinnny bit closer to you, so we could join you sometimes.

acl said...

Sarah - I wish you lived closer too - then we could tag-a-long on all your hikes.